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Short Notice

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It’s too hot to wear complicated clothing kind of day so I decided to wear basic pieces to ensure that I’d be comfortable in everything that I do. I came up with this cropped top, highwaisted shorts, converse and hat ensemble to keep me sane. In times like these, it is imperative that you wear the right clothing to keep you cool. Natural fabrics such as cotton and light-colored loose fitting clothes is a staple to allow the skin to breathe. What do you think?


Off Duty

Can’t believe August is almost over! This has been the busiest and craziest month yet but I’m glad to say that I survived this month’s twists and turns. So, high five to that! How’s yours so far? I hope you too are surviving and enjoying the ride.

Anyway, here’s a quick outfit post for you guys. I wore this to run errands over the weekend. I know it’s another laidback outfit but this time, I tried to add a printed scarf to make this off duty look fun and stylish. What do you think?