Mix and Match

I feel like some things, some people gain beauty and insight on life at different times. I think mine came too soon, or not too soon just before everyone else’s. I’m not saying I’m wiser, or smarter. I’m obviously not. I just feel like I got a grip of life before it got a grip of me. People pick out different things in life to call ‘important’. People don’t sacrifice the way I feel they should. My life and your life are two different lives, that’s why I’m me, and you’re you. Learn to appreciate your indiviuality, and the fact that something about you is different. No matter how minor or major, it’s something, have pride in it. Along the way pick up some incredible people, and find a way to leave this world knowing you changed it by being here. Being a speck on the earth is only a speck. Make yourself a beautiful speck that sticks out. Change something. Do something. Show somebody something they’ve never seen before, and stay true to exactly who you are.

(Boyfriend Shirt from Bangkok, Matthews x CMG Wedge Sandals, Random Black Shorts, Swatch)


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